Knysna, Southern Cape, South Africa

  • Welcome to the Garden Route's favourite shooting range

  • Welcome to the Garden Route's favourite shooting range

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Required for all new members, and returning members who do not renew membership prior to 1 February.

Only applicable if you wish to take part in IPSC competitions.

Only applicable for ITA members

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Membership Agreement

Term & Conditions

All membership renewal fees are due for payment by 20 December each year. All existing memberships renewed after this date will be subject to the joining fee of R250 in order to re-join the club to cover administration costs.  Should you cancel your membership prior to the end of the club membership year, you will forfeit any fees already paid.


I hereby indemnify the Homtini Sport Shooting Club, all its members, any bodies to which they may be associated, as well as Fuller Firearms and Homtini Tactical Training Academy  and its staff or agents, from any and all claims resulting from damages, injuries or loss of any nature whatsoever, resulting in any act or omission of whatsoever nature and howsoever caused, whilst on the property on which the Homtini Sport Shooting Club is situated, or on any range or area around such range that is utilised by them for any purpose whatsoever, whether as a competitor or spectator. I hereby acknowledge that the Sport Shooting Club is situated on private property and that I will be liable for any damages caused by me to this property or any of the assets on the property and agree to abide by the club rules and constitution at all times.


Types of firearm & ammunition allowed on the range

All handguns, rifles, & shotguns may be used, rifles may not exceed .50cal. No cartridges loaded with tracer, incendiary or metal piercing bullets are permitted on the shooting range.

Safety Measures

  • Please ensure that under no circumstances may a muzzle of any firearm be pointed up range, (meaning back towards the entrance of the range)
  • Unload all firearms when entering through main gate in safety area.
  • Handguns will be holstered or bagged, unloaded and magazine removed
  • It is strictly prohibited to climb any backstop or side wall of any range.
  • Rules of conduct for shooters
  • No person entering this range may be under the influence of either alcohol or drugs.
  • Only individuals who have reported to the office and signed the register are permitted on the range, once advised as what range you may occupy.
  • Eye and hearing protection is compulsory and shall be worn at all times while shooting by all persons on the range including spectators.
  • The appointed Range Officer (RO) is in absolute control of the range, and his instruction will be followed without question.  If no RO is appointed then one of the party must take charge and act as RO for the duration of the time on the range.
  • Firearms shall only be loaded at the firing point, on instruction from the RO, with the barrel pointing at the backstop.
  • Firearms shall be holstered or put down unloaded facing down range whenever shooting is interrupted or stopped.
  • Only the targets are to be fired upon.
  • No shooting shall be done at metal or hard targets at a distance less than
    • Pistol 8m
    • Rifle 50m
    • Shotgun (Birdshot) 5m and Slugs 40m (Plus 1 Meter if arms/barrel length is past shooting line)
  • Turning around with a loaded firearm is forbidden, except when safely holstered.
  • Under no circumstances may firearms be handled while people are down range
  • Other peoples’ firearms shall not be touched without the express permission of the owner and only if safe to do so.
  • If you have trouble with your firearm while on the range and you cannot rectify the problem, please call a safety officer who will assist you.
  • If you notice any irregularities, please report the incident to the safety officer or to the kiosk officer.
  • HSSC is an independent club to Homtini Tactical Shooting Academy and Fuller Firearms - Range fees will apply for all other days than Saturdays

HSSC Introduction

Welcome to the Garden Routes favorite shooting range. The club (Homtini Sport Shooting Club) was established to cater for the growing demand for sport shooting in the area.  The Club rents ranges from Homtini Tactical Training Academy who have been in the area from many years.  The ranges are nestled in the Homtini Forest and hosts 10 ranges for close engagements including 2 incredible jungle lanes situated in the Knysna Forest itself and then a 300m rifle range just to separate the men from the boys…

HSSC is a separate club and completely independent to Andy and Elaine’s businesses.

What makes the facility so unique is a full gun shop and gunsmithing service on-site, the friendly atmosphere and homely welcome you get, it is a must to visit.

The club's activities include IPSC (Practical Shooting), self-loading Rifle, Big Bore, Shotgun and Bolt Action Rifle.

Should you have any questions or enquiries about membership, please send an email to, or apply here, on our website. See the event calendar under documents for scheduled shoots;

Guests are welcome to watch these events - eye and ear protection for all spectators is mandatory as well as for shooters of course.



ITA Membership

Period 01 Jan – 31 Dec 2020
Amount R 550.00


SAPSA Membership

Period 1 Apr to 31 March
Amount R800.00 

Club Membership

Period 1 Jan – 31 Dec 2020
Amount R 1450.00


SAPSA or ITA visitors on shoot days – R150.00

* Kindly note that Club membership (only) decreases on a pro-rata basis every 3 months

HSSC Members enjoy Free range entry on Saturdays Only and level 1 club shoots.  As our club is independent range fees will apply for all other times currently R80.00.


A friendly atmosphere and homely welcome you get.

It is a must to visit.



The Garden Route's favourite shooting range, follow us on Facebook to get the latest on whats happening in and around our club.

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