Member renewals are due on 31/3/2021

About Us

The Garden Routes Favourite Shooting Range

HSSC is an independent club that supports ITA and IPSC shooters to obtain dedicated sport shooting status. We are privileged to be able to have such an amazing shooting range in the area and the experience of Andy and Elaine Fuller who have very kindly agreed to rent the ranges to HSSC for Club Shooting Events.

With a full gun shop and gunsmith on-site that is run independently to the club, the friendly atmosphere and homely welcome you get, it is a must to visit. The club's activities include IPSC (Practical Shooting), Self-loading Rifle, Big Bore, Shotgun and Bolt Action Rifle.

Questions or Enquiries

Should you have any questions or enquiries about membership, please send an email to, or apply here, on our website. See the event calendar under documents for scheduled shoots;


Guests are welcome to watch these events - eye and ear protection for all spectators is mandatory.